LightRanger Portable Solar Panel


The perfect companion to your LightRanger rechargeable LED lantern, the Devos Solar Charger provides off-grid charging for a brighter outdoor adventure just about anywhere.

  • Fully charges LightRanger Lantern in 8 hours of daylight*
  • Conveniently charge other electronic devices
  • Compact but powerful - 13" x 7.9" x .13"
  • Waterproof lightweight design - only 11 ounces
  • Max power: 10 Watts / 5 Volts
  • USB port output / 2 Amps max current


*Like other solar panels, charge times may vary based on how direct the sunlight hits the panel.

Customer Reviews

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Solar panel

It looks way bigger on the website.

We made the solar panel as small as the power requirements would allow. It was sized for portability and for the LightRanger's power requirements. For the size, it packs a good 10Watt punch. The dimensions of the unit are posted prominently in the description and on the main photo of the unit. Please let us know what we can do to make this right for you.

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