LightRanger 44-Inch Heavy-duty Carry Case


The perfect complement to protect and store your LightRanger telescoping LED lanterns. The Heavy-duty Carry Case holds up to (2) LightRanger kits, (2) 20-watt solar panels, (2) AMPak 10 portable power banks, (2) colored filter kits,  (2) motion sensors, charging cords and other gear.

  • 45"L x 9"W x 5"H
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • 2 zipper opening for ease of use
  • Large interior velcro pocket for solar panel storage
  • Carry handles and padded carry strap for comfort
  • Removable interior separation divider helps protect lights from impacting each other on those long washboard roads
  • Genuine leather Devos accent badge

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great product


Very good


Padded with a decent amount of room inside for my next light when I need it. The solar sleeve makes it all nicely compact and secure!

Needs Tweaked.....

I am typically not one to post because I try to do some research and know what I am buying. However, I believe this bag is substandard compared to all other items I have of Devos. One person mentioned that it should have had a location for the lens addons. Agreed. I think the divider needs some serious work. As a part time musician, I have the typical tripods which have cases similar to this. The divider is adjustable and fits well. Another person on this review log mentioned the sidewalls could have been sturdier, I agree. Devos team, take the legitimate reviews and improve your product. You have a great product in most of the items. Make this one as good as the rest.
For those buying, justs be aware that a few things need improved. Will it work? Absolutely. If I didn't think so, I would have asked to return it.

Good space, but lacks rigidity, security of devices

The case has enough space to (2) Light Rangers, but the sides of the case are flimsy, I wissh there was some rigid supports in the side walls of the case. Also, the components inside the case don't have tie downs to hold in place. It needs a Velcro type straps to hold the legs, spike and head unit in place so they aren't moving all round in the case. An additional smaller pouch for the cables would be nice too, rather then the one large pouch for the solar panel. The large pouch could use some padding on both side to protect the solar panel a bit.