Evening Build Series Episode 2 - Installing Prinsu Roof Rack!

Welcome back to the Devos LightRanger Evening Overland Build Series! In this episode, we install a Prinsu Roof Rack on our 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner using our trusty LightRanger 1200 as the sole light source. Whether it's an after-work build project that runs late into the night, or setting up camp after a long day off-road, the LightRanger 1200 continues to prove its an essential piece of overlanding gear.

Video Highlights:

  • Removal of Existing Rack: We demonstrate how to carefully remove the stock Toyota 4Runner roof rack, some pitfalls to watch out for during the process, and how to solve a common problem that we encountered.
  • Cleaning and Preparation: After successfully removing the old rack we’ll walk through the preparation and waterproofing requirements for the new rack.
  • Installing the Prinsu Roof Rack: Finally, we’ll show what we found as the most efficient way to put the Prinsu rack together then get it aligned and securely in place.

Big thanks to 4Runner Lifestyle who partnered with us on this build!

Stay tuned as we have more exciting episodes coming your way in the Devos LightRanger Evening Overland Build Series.

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We were gifted this as an early christmas gift! We live in an area with high winds and many times that will knock out our power. We also have a storm seller which doesn't have great lighting. So when we go down there to work on the water heater or check the furnace it is a game changer! no more carrying flashlights and needing 2 hands so you put it in your mouth. We are so excited to keep using it and finding more places we can use it!!!

Brooke N.