How to get the most out of your Devos LightRanger

The LightRanger lantern is a versatile and powerful outdoor lighting solution that is perfect for camping, overlanding, outdoor cooking, and other nighttime activities. This lantern is designed with a range of features that make it easy to use and provide reliable light in any situation. In this article, we will take a closer look at the LightRanger lantern and explore how to utilize its features best.

Reliable Directional Brightness & Run Time

The LightRanger lantern is designed to be ultra-bright and long-lasting. It features a high-capacity rechargeable battery that provides more than 3.5 hours of run time on max (1200 lumens – 360 degrees of light) and up to 80 hours of use on a single charge on its minimum setting (60 lumens – 90 degrees of light). You can rely on the LightRanger lantern to provide an ample amount of light throughout the night without having to worry about it running out of power. 

One of the most useful features of the LightRanger lantern is its ability to switch between three different lighting modes: 90, 180, or 360 degrees of light. One press of the control button turns on the lantern and full 360-degree lighting, two pushes of the button for 180-degree, three pushes of the button for 90-degree, and four to turn it off.

LightRanger Dimming Feature

Easy-to-Use Dimming Function

In addition to its different lighting modes, the LightRanger lantern also features built-in dimming control. This allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to your exact specifications, making it easy to create the perfect ambiance for any situation. 

Activating the dimming function is simple. First, push the main power button to turn the LightRanger on. Next, go to the desired lighting mode (4 sides, 2 sides, or 1 side). Then, hold the button down for 3 seconds to activate dimming. The light will dim down to 20% of its full brightness and then climb back up to 100%. Just release the button when you reach the optimal dimming level for your situation.

Charge-in, Charge-out, Even Charge With the Light On!

Another useful feature of the LightRanger lantern is its built-in USB-C charging port. This single port allows both charge-in and charge-out. Besides recharging the built-in battery, you can charge out to a mobile phone, tablet, or other USB-powered device directly from the lantern. This feature can be incredibly useful while camping or in a blackout or emergency situation when needing to charge a device.

When it's time to recharge the built-in battery, the LightRanger utilizes the latest USB-C protocol with quick-charge.  You can take the battery from completely dead to 60% charged in just 1 hour, and a full charge in 3.5 hours. 

Most users don’t know this, but you can even run the light while charging! After a short warm-up period, if the battery is completely dead (about 10 minutes), the LightRanger USB-C version charges the battery faster than it uses the power. You can even run the LED’s at full power while charging.  So if you need max brightness for an extended repair on your vehicle, or a project around the house, just plug it in and keep going. The optional LightRanger USB-C Work-Light Kit is perfect for this situation because it includes a 20-watt AC adapter and a 10 foot long USB-C cord so you can run the light for extended periods at its fully extended height.

Note: The original LightRanger micro-USB version (September 2022 or earlier) can charge faster than it depletes when running at a medium setting (2 sides on – full brightness). Use the LightRanger USB-A Work-light Kit with the original LightRanger micro-USB version.

Built Tough

The LightRanger lantern is also incredibly durable and built to last. Sometimes your luck runs out when you’re in unpredictable environments. We designed the LightRanger to be bad-luck proof… even if you forget about it and drive over it! How many other lanterns do you know that can take that kind of abuse?  

It is designed with a rugged ABS outer shell with a large aluminum heat sink that keeps the LED’s from overheating and acts as a protective perimeter around the light. In our own internal durability testing, we were able to ensure the light could withstand impact from being tipped over while on the pole at 9 feet high, as well as withstand the elements. The LightRanger with USB-C is IPX6 rated and can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water and and is also resistant to dust. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, even in challenging conditions. 

Adjustable Height for Compact Storage

With the new 4-section pole (released March 2023), we reduced the length by 7” when compacted down. This made the LightRanger even more efficient for storage without sacrificing the maximum extended height. Overall, the adjustable height (including the lantern) is 36.5" to 108". 

The LightRanger, telescoped to 9 feet tall, lights an area 60 feet plus in diameter and keeps bugs up & away by elevating the light source. Socialize more comfortably with the light above eye level. You can easily see each other without being blinded by looking at a bright light. What’s more, the LightRanger is the go-to camp lantern for our friends in the deaf community to better communicate using sign language at night.

Best with the LightRanger Eco-system 

One of the best ways to utilize the features of the LightRanger lantern is to pair it with other Devos outdoor gear. Use the lantern in conjunction with a portable solar panel to “set it and forget about it..”  

The newest addition to LightRanger accessories is the AMPak 10 Power Bank, the ultimate power companion for your LightRanger LED lantern. With its ultra-compact design and 10,000 mAH Li-ion battery, the AMPak10 extends your LightRanger's run time and ensures you never run out of light during your outdoor adventures.

For even more customization, use with colored filter kits. This set of 3 polycarbonate lens covers, in three different colors, allows you to quickly change the color temperature from a warmer vibe (soft-white), less insect attraction (amber)  or preserving night vision / dark-sky stargazing (red).

Colored Filter Kits


Overall, the LightRanger lantern from is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Its powerful and versatile design make it perfect for a range of activities, from camping and overlanding to backyard barbecues and beyond. By utilizing its different features and settings, you can create a custom lighting setup that perfectly suits your needs.

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We were gifted this as an early christmas gift! We live in an area with high winds and many times that will knock out our power. We also have a storm seller which doesn't have great lighting. So when we go down there to work on the water heater or check the furnace it is a game changer! no more carrying flashlights and needing 2 hands so you put it in your mouth. We are so excited to keep using it and finding more places we can use it!!!

Brooke N.