Evening Build Series: Upgrade Your Exhaust System with Bold Performance Products

Welcome to the first episode of the Devos LightRanger Evening Overland Build series, where we’ve upgraded a Toyota 4Runner to become an awesome overlanding and rock-crawling rig. 

In this episode, we'll be working on an exhaust upgrade using the Bold Performance products, with the LightRanger providing the only lighting. The Bold Performance stainless steel cat-back exhaust system is the perfect addition, providing a six to eight-horsepower increase and no droning, while the LightRanger made the work possible. 

Take a look. Stay tuned for more exciting builds in this series.

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We were gifted this as an early christmas gift! We live in an area with high winds and many times that will knock out our power. We also have a storm seller which doesn't have great lighting. So when we go down there to work on the water heater or check the furnace it is a game changer! no more carrying flashlights and needing 2 hands so you put it in your mouth. We are so excited to keep using it and finding more places we can use it!!!

Brooke N.