LightRanger Replacement Tripod Base


The Tripod Base is already included in the standard LightRanger kit, but if you need a replacement or you ordered a first gen LightRanger with just the ground stake, we've got you covered. The tripod adds additional flexibility for overhead lighting and is perfect for when you are moving the light frequently or for hard surfaces indoor or out such as:

  • Grilling on your back patio
  • On a driveway working on a vehicle
  • Cul-de-sac pickleball court
  • Indoors during a power outage
  • Working on an unfinished basement
  • Anywhere else a ground stake is not preferred

Customer Reviews

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Jason A
Works great on paved surfaces

I use a pair of these for camping but also for illuminating Search and Rescue Command Post locations at night. The tripods work really well on hard surfaces and also on top of parked vehicles. I set them on top of my truck topper which puts the light almost 20 feet off the ground and it lights up a huge area.

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