Gifts That Go Beyond: Explore Our Top Picks for Outdoor Adventure

Embarking on the quest for the ideal gift? Whether you're shopping for the grill guru mastering the backyard domain or the overlander exploring backland trails, this gift guide will help you understand why building a portable lighting ecosystem is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and elevate their outdoor experience.


Why You Need a LightRanger Telescoping LED Lantern and Accessories:

Elevated Nighttime Adventures: The LightRanger 1200 enhances outdoor experiences with adjustable brightness, ideal for illuminating mealtime, outdoor games, or nighttime vehicle maintenance.

“The light with the option to reduce its coverage area and brightness is outstanding for illuminating meal time activities, outdoor games like cornhole or horseshoes at night, or working on vehicles/RVs after dark.  The ability to separate the light from the stand is a great option for the user.  The flexibility of having the stand go from a few feet up to 9 really gives you an outstanding range of lighting options.” -S. Martinez

Quality and Reliability: Built to last, the LightRanger is a well-crafted, dependable outdoor companion designed for durability and longevity.

“It has been my experience that (especially in outdoor gear) you get what you pay for. This is a quality product that is very well built. The research and development was thorough. If you have the money don't waste it on an inferior product.” -I. Parker

Versatile Usage: Beyond camping, users find it perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting, making it an excellent addition to cabins, BBQ areas, and more.

“Easy setup, the stand is sturdy, the light is very bright! We use it at our cabin as both an indoor and outdoor light.  I'm looking at possibly getting another one to use on my BBQ trailer!” -T. Namio

Complete Off-Grid Solution: The LightRanger is part of a comprehensive ecosystem of products, providing a complete off-grid lighting solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

“I've had this light for exactly a year now, and have used it dozens of times. I've put in almost $500 in these 2 lights (solar panels, 2 light bag, filters, and now the motion detector), but I must say, it is the most complete off-grid lighting solution out there. There are a lot of new lights out there that are just lights, but to have this complete solution, there is no other.” -M. Shim

Explore our top picks:

LightRanger 1200:
The ultimate gift for adventurers, offering brilliant illumination, easy portability, and versatile usage.

LightRanger 1200 Colored Filter Kit: Adjust the ambiance with snap-on lens covers, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere or dark-sky stargazing.

LightRanger Motion Sensor: Enhance safety, convenience, and battery life by activating your LightRanger 1200 USB-C when motion is detected.

AMPAK 10 Portable Power Bank: Ensure you never run out of light with this powerful 10,000 mAH Li-ion battery.

20 Watt Solar Panel: Harness solar energy to charge your LightRanger and electronic devices during off-grid adventures.

Limited Time Ultimate LightRanger Kit: The complete package includes two LightRanger 1200 lanterns, a heavy-duty carry case, and two filter kits.

Discover the perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast and elevate their adventures with quality, reliability, and brilliant illumination. Give the gift of greatness this season!

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We were gifted this as an early christmas gift! We live in an area with high winds and many times that will knock out our power. We also have a storm seller which doesn't have great lighting. So when we go down there to work on the water heater or check the furnace it is a game changer! no more carrying flashlights and needing 2 hands so you put it in your mouth. We are so excited to keep using it and finding more places we can use it!!!

Brooke N.